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RedChip Investor Group Call with Sharps Technology (NASDAQ: STSS)
Sharps Technology is a medical device company addressing global issues while engineering a safer future for healthcare providers and people everywhere through compassionate innovation. Sharps’ line of smart safety syringes eliminates accidental needlestick injuries, prevents needle reuse, and reduces wasted vaccines and medicine while retaining the intuitive simplicity of traditional syringes. Sharps Technology aims to be a solution provider for the advancement of future drug delivery systems.


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Robert M. Hayes
Chief Executive Officer and Director @Sharps Technology
Robert M. Hayes has been the Chief Executive Officer and director for Sharps Technology since September 2021. Before joining the Company, he served as Senior Director of Product Management and Innovation and other roles with Gerresheimer Pharmaceutical Glass from 2010 to 2021 where he led commercial sales and strategic partnerships with top global healthcare companies. He has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Mr. Hayes received his Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Toledo.