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RedChip Investor Group Call with Nutriband (NASDAQ: NTRB)
Nutriband is a transdermal focused pharmaceutical company based in the United States with a goal to improve the safety, comfort and efficacy of existing drugs using transdermal technologies, benefitting patients, physicians, and payers. Nutriband’s patented lead product technology, AVERSA®, is an abuse deterrent transdermal technology that incorporates aversive agents to prevent the Abuse, DiVERsion, MiSuse and Accidental exposure of drugs with abuse potential, such as opioids. The Company’s first application for AVERSA® is an abuse-deterrent fentanyl transdermal patch which it is developing to provide clinicians and patients a safe extended-release patch for chronic pain. The goal is to make opioid based pain treatments safe for all who need them. AVERSA technology has received patent protection in the US, European Union, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Russia, with patent protection pending in Canada. Nutriband is targeting all large applicable markets and its global patent protection provides multiple opportunities for the Company to make a significant impact on the safety profile of drugs globally.


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Gareth Sheridan
Founder and CEO @Nutriband Inc.
Gareth Sheridan is an award winning entrepreneur, businessman and founder of Nutriband inc. Mr. Sheridan currently sits as CEO of Nutriband Inc. Mr. Sheridan was Ireland’s ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2014 for establishing Nutriband Ltd. And with it Nutriband was awarded Ireland’s ‘Best New Product 2014’. Mr. Sheridan has further business awards from S. Dublin’s Best Young Entrepreneur and S. Dublin’s Best Startup Company. Mr. Sheridan has also worked as a Business Mentor with 100 Minds, a social enterprise founded in 2013, that brings together some of Ireland’s top college students and connects them with one cause to achieve large charitable goals in a short space of time.